It’s almost that time– back to school for the kids of Marietta, Canton and Belpre.  Let us help you find a nice place to live so you and your family can go back to school with peace of mind and a good routine. Call us today to find out more about our openings!  In the meantime, here are some tips to help get your family ready for the big day and to promote health and well being all year:

  1. Bring back the bedtime! Don’t wait until next week or the night before– do it now. Get your kids into a good routine of rest and your child will start school ready and willing to be there.
  2. Brush up on hygiene. Everything is on sale at back to school time. Get stocked up on items your child will need to be clean and smelling good for school. There is nothing worse than being singled out by your peers, so help your child get into a good routine of bathing, washing hair, combing hair and brushing teeth. Educate your kids about lice and bed bugs and help them stay free of these pests by using tea tree oil in their hair and keeping girls’ hair in ponytails with hairspray.  Let your kids know that they shouldn’t share hats, combs, helmets, etc with other kids so they stay free of these troublesome pests.
  3. Keep calm. Help your kids stay anxiety free by finding out teachers, schedules and schoolrooms before the big day.  Kids need knowledge and structure– knowing where they have to go will give them the reassurance to attend school without worry.
  4. See the doctor. Now is a good time to think about your child’s health.  If it has been awhile, consider a yearly checkup and make sure you check the vaccination record.  The health department is a great resource for making sure your child is up to date on all vaccinations important for health.
  5. Make it fun.  School is your child’s job, and at a minimum,  it lasts all the way until he or she graduates from high school.  Make sure your kids look forward to going to school everyday.  You can do this by modeling good behavior– tell your kids the good points about the school. If you complain, it will give your child the sense that it is not a good place and will set your child up to complain as well.  Positive thinking will help both parents and children get through this often stressful time.
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