Kids are expensive, right?! When kids get bored and whiny, you might be tempted to shell out dough at the movie theater or shopping just to stay cool and sane.  But here’s a list of ten cheap or free to do with kiddies this summer and make family memories:

  1. Have a Tea Party. Small kids love to dress up, and you can occupy an afternoon making invites for friends and decorations.  Make ice tea, lemonade and finger sandwiches and you have yourself an instant party.
  2. Organize a Treasure Hunt. On a nice day, entice the kids outside with a scavenger hunt. Make a list of easy things to find on a nature walk or neighborhood stroll. Get neighbors and friends involved and you can make it a competition with small prizes
  3. Check out the Local Library. Great for a rainy day, a library visit is free.  Often libraries have kids’ activities like movies and plays to help beat the heat and keep kids entertained during the summer.
  4. Go Fly a Kite. The dollar store usually sells cheap kites. Kids love to pick out fun ones, build them and spend a windy afternoon trying to fly it.
  5. Walk a Dog. This idea assumes you have access to a pooch. If you have no dogs, check with neighbors or relatives. Often towns have dog parks, and this can be a great way for older kids to make some cash!
  6. Do some Backyard Camping. Pitch a tent and spend the evening telling spooky stories and catching fireflies. Older kids will love to play flashlight tag. If you don’t have a tent, ask around on social media or with friends, you would be surprised at how many people have a tent hanging around.
  7. Make a Photo Album. Kids love to look at pictures of themselves. Spend a rainy or exceptionally hot afternoon inside, sorting photos and letting the kids arrange them into an album or handmade scrapbook.
  8. Have a Cooking Class. All older kids should know how to make a simple meal. Involve the kids in the shopping, prep and cooking and it won’t seem like such a chore to make dinner!  And next time Mom works late, the kids can remake that meal for the family.
  9. Go to the Playground. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best for memory making. Take your kids to the park where they can meet new friends and you can get a workout running after the little ones.
  10. Make a Lemonade Stand. Kids love to make their own money and setting up shop on a well trafficked corner can be a good way to socialize and serve customers.
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