Small apartments don’t have to feel claustrophobic. Here are some tips and tricks to expand your space so you can breathe easier!

  1. Use bigger furniture but less of it! This sounds crazy, but it works. Instead of trying to pack a couch, love seat, chairs, coffee table and end tables all into a small living room, use one large couch with a coffee table and a side chair with ottoman to expand your seating. A large cabinet or armoire in the corner can be helpful because closed storage is better than clutter all over the place.
  2. Choose wisely on furniture. Neutral pieces that match the walls will make the space look bigger. Often you can pick up a cheap slipcover at the flea market or online that will help you work with your existing couch!  Glass tables also help expand the space and make it look lighter and airy.
  3. Stay simple with wall art. Just like furniture, it is better to have less but bigger—so think wide mats and frames.  Using mirrors strategically will also help your space look bigger. If your landlord doesn’t allow you to nail things up, check out the command hook and wall hanging offerings—they really work!
  4. Clutter is a No No! This is really the big one.  Get rid of all small stuff that lies around. Use closed storage options and baskets on shelves to keep your space looking crisp and clean.

Small apartments can be a great budget saver and by planning out your space, it can be your private oasis.

Posted by: mitchamgroup on July 23, 2018
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