Sometimes it is stressful getting an apartment. You might be living on your own for the first time, having to downsize or going through a relationship split.  These tips can ease the stress of finding your perfect place.

  1. Pay Attention to the Place. Sometimes people are in such a rush to get into a place, that they neglect to pay attention to the details.  Once you sign a lease, you have accepted the apartment “as is.”  You can’t suddenly decide that you can’t live with the carpet or the bathroom cabinets.  That being said, if you rushed into a place or had to compromise because of cost or availability—you can pay for your own upgrades.  Landlords will be happy to allow you to change out carpet or upgrade a cabinet—you just need to communicate with him or her and make sure everyone is in agreement.
  2. Make a Roommate Plan. If you have to share the space with roommates, make some ground rules.  A written list of rules and household chores will go a long way towards easing issues that might come up later.  Make sure everyone is on board and willing to work together.
  3. Dealing with Noisy Neighbors. This is a tough one.  The best course is to have a nice conversation with them.  They might not realize that their 10 pm fitness routine is bothering you.  If they know about the problem, they can moderate their behavior.  If things escalate, let management know so they can try to help you.  If you don’t have noisy neighbors, make sure you aren’t that noisy tenant!
  4. Customize your space. Make it feel like home by picking out good furniture and using some simple design principles. By being organized with storage up front, you will save yourself from being frustrated with the apartment later on.
Posted by: mitchamgroup on August 4, 2018
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