The End of Summer Blues

It can happen to the best of us.  We are cruising along, enjoying the summer weather, having impromptu picnics, going to the pool and then suddenly, BAM, it’s Labor Day!  September brings us back to a routine and we can find ourselves in a small depression.  Here’s some tips to chase away the blues:

  1. Think Positive. It sounds easier than it is, but by really concentrating on how to change your outlook can work.  Sometimes you can reframe the situation and make your future look better. Talk to yourself positively and you might be able to get rid of the negatives.
  2. Look Ahead. Think of everything good that you like about autumn: the leaves changing colors, NFL football, apple cider, etc.  Suddenly your obsession about summer might drift away!
  3. Read about Must See TV. Fall is often a time where new shows come out or your old favorites start a new season.  Having a show to watch with your spouse and talk about with coworkers can be very gratifying.
  4. Plan a trip. Everyone needs something to look forward to.  Make it a goal to budget for next summer’s vacation and you will be happy thinking about making it happen.
  5. Extend summer. If all else fails—make it stay summer! Give yourself permission to sit outside and read a trashy novel. Keep buying fresh fruit and produce.  Allow yourself to stay in summer vacation mode for just a little bit longer!
Posted by: mitchamgroup on August 13, 2018
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