Pets can add a lot to your life in the form of companionship and shared responsibility in caring for another living thing.  Apartment living, however, can present a challenge for tenants wanting to own pets.  Some buildings are not conducive to animals that need to be taken outside.  Also, pets can be a source of noise or mess disturbance to neighbors.  So before deciding to get a pet, tenants should check with their landlords to see what pets are acceptable.

Often if dogs or cats are not allowed, landlords might still allow fish or hamsters.  Also, landlords can alert you as to whether or not their insurance will allow pets.  Sometimes, snakes and vicious dog breeds are prohibited and can be a source of liability.  You will also need to check your tenant insurance policy to make sure that you are covered if your pet causes harm to someone.

Other considerations to take into account are the extra expenses that come along with owning a pet.  You might have to pay extra rent or a deposit to your landlord.  In addition, you will have vaccinations, veterinarian bills, accessories like cages and leases and of course you will now have an extra mouth to feed!  In addition, you have to consider who will help when you are out of town and your pet needs watched and cared for.  And some pets need exercise, so take into account your own physical limitations when caring for a pet.


Pets can add so much love to your life.  Taking the time now to think through the considerations will ensure that you make the best choice for pet ownership.

Posted by: mitchamgroup on August 27, 2018
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