It’s that time of year—football games, bonfires and a slight chill in the air.  It’s also the time to get your house cleaned up from summer and prepped for winter.  Here’s a list of chores to help you get ready:


Outside Chores:

  1. Wash windows
  2. Wash down patio furniture and put it away for winter.
  3. Clean and store all outside children’s toys
  4. Check caulking around windows and doors. Put plastic over windows that allow cold air to come in during the winter. Install weather stripping as necessary.
  5. Clear out gutters
  6. Clean fireplace and chimney
  7. Vacuum and clean out all air vents and covers in your home
  8. Change your furnace filters.
  9. Drain and store garden hoses
  10. Check laundry machines to make sure there are no birds nests or lint build up in the exhaust.


Inside Chores:

  • Focus on public rooms, so you are ready for upcoming holidays and the long winter. Clean and vacuum well and touch up paint as necessary.
  • Have carpets and upholstered furniture professionally or rent/borrow equipment to do yourself.
  • Wash interior windows
  • In the bedrooms, turn mattresses front to back to minimize wear and vacuum to get rid of dust and skin cells.
  • Launder and clean all bedding, getting out blankets and comforters to keep your family cozy in the cold months ahead.
  • Think ahead to holiday cooking and prep your kitchen now. Clean off all counters and check/organize all your cabinets. Get rid of old spices and clean out the pantry, donating all food that is still good but that you aren’t using to the community food pantry.
  • Pull refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum the condenser coils to keep it running efficiently.
  • Clean your oven now to be ready for holiday cooking.
  • Wash your vacuum sweeper out well, changing the bag and cleaning the filter so this machine is ready to keep your home clean all winter.


Posted by: mitchamgroup on October 1, 2018
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