Trick or Treat Safety

It’s that time of year again when the spooky ghosts and superheroes come around your neighborhood to collect candy!  If you have little ones, consider these safety tips when going out for trick or treat.

  1. Adult Supervision is crucial. Little ones should not be out and about alone and even older kids can have trouble navigating dark streets in costumes.   If you have to work, find a group your child can join.
  2. Check the Candy. Don’t let the kids start eating the candy until you go through the bag and make sure nothing is already open or tampered with.
  3. Stay on Sidewalks. Kids get excited and might try to cross streets and run to houses without looking for cars.  Make sure they know safety rules and stick together.
  4. Check costumes and face paint. Make sure your child can see where he or she is going. Costumes can obstruct viewing and face paint can get in children’s eyes or create an allergic reaction on skin.  Also, make sure costumes are bright enough to be seen in the dark and not to big to cause trip hazards.

Have fun and happy Halloween!

Posted by: mitchamgroup on October 22, 2018
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