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The holiday season is upon us and that might mean company is coming! Here’s how to prepare for a nice clean visit!

  1. Start with the Guest Bedroom. Your guest might be staying in a designated guest room, or a kid’s bedroom or even the couch—no matter what: Make sure sheets and pillows are clean and the area is pleasant for him or her. Lay out clean towels and have toiletries ready in the bathroom for use. If it is cold outside, have an extra blanket ready so they don’t have to bother you in the night.
  2. Keep Clutter at Bay. By simply picking up your house, you can ensure that the guests have a good opinion of your home. Stash toys and unused items in basement or storage to sort after the holidays.
  3. Make Room in the Closet. Your guest will have a coat to hang up and maybe even some clothing for parties, events or church. Take the time to clear out some space for them.
  4. Stay on top of Bathrooms. With extra people comes extra germs and dirt. Keep cleaning solution and a rag handy under the bathroom sink and use it to clean up everytime you are in there.  Spraying Lysol disinfectant on doorknobs, toilet seats and sink handles can ensure that everyone stays healthy this time of year.
  5. The Kitchen is the hub of holiday activity. Keep it clean. Enlist help from other family members to stay on top of dishwasher duty and wipe down counters each night. Using paper products can help immensely!
  6. Make Your Entry Inviting. Hanging a festive wreath is a cheerful greeting. Also, make an area for guests to put shoes and keys and keep other clutter away.

Taking the time this week or next to put these tips into action will ensure that you can spend more time visiting with your guests and less time worrying about the cleanliness and clutter of your home! Happy holiday season!

Posted by: mitchamgroup on November 13, 2018
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