Transforming your space for each holiday can be fun for the family and lift your spirits.  You don’t have to break the bank to decorate in style. Here are some tips to decorate and stick to your budget:

  1. Check out yard sales and the Goodwill. Often people donate or try to rid themselves of decoration. All year long you can keep an eye out for cheap decorations at these venues.
  2. Do it yourself. The internet has gobs of posts about crafting. Check out Pinterest for ideas on crafts you can make using things you already own. For example, make a Charlie Brown tree—bring in branches and spray paint for whatever holiday is coming up: black or deep plum for Halloween, silver glitter for Christmas, bright red for Valentine’s Day and so on.  You can then hang ornaments you make from paper, cork, etc.
  3. Call out to Social Media. Telling people you moved into your own place and need some decorations will probably bring a lot of good cheer your way.  You might have an aunt wanting to get rid of a Christmas tree or a high school friend with too many Halloween pumpkins to display.  In any case, your friends will probably come through!
  4. Maximize your budget. A nice centerpiece that you see everyday on your dining room table and a good door wreath will serve you better than small pieces throughout your home that get lost in the shuffle.  By just adding these two pieces you can add holiday flair without spending much.
Posted by: mitchamgroup on November 26, 2018
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