It’s Christmas and you are traveling for the holidays. Last thing you need is more chores! But a few tips will ensure you come back to no issues in your apartment:

  1. Tell your Landlord and Neighbors. If you are gone for an extended amount of time, send your landlord an email letting him or her know that you will be gone. Tell any trusted neighbors so they can look out for any issues. Provide both with a contact number.
  2. Put your mail on hold. So your mailbox doesn’t fill up and attract thieves on the prowl, make sure you inform the post office. You can go online at to do this easily.
  3. Arrange for pet care. Don’t leave pets alone. Make sure you have a family member or friend come in and take care of your animals or take them to a kennel. If gone for extended time, have them take care of houseplants too!
  4. Adjust the thermostat but not too much! While it is good to take advantage of savings in not heating an empty apartment, you don’t want to cause frozen pipes. Most leases require you to keep your apartment properly heated in the winter months to make sure this does not happen.
  5. Open cabinet doors under sinks. This will also help prevent frozen pipes.
  6. Clean your apartment. So you don’t come home to odors or mess, clean the place up. At a minimum, take out trash and clean the refrigerator. These tasks alone will keep you from having to clean more when home again.
Posted by: mitchamgroup on December 17, 2018
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