Apartment living can present challenges in organizing your stuff.  If you don’t get creative with having enough storage, you might find yourself tripping over toys at 11 pm or simply having to clear off your kitchen table every meal so that you can eat.  Here are our tips for providing some easy organization solutions:

  1. Invest in storage furniture. There are a ton of new items out there that provide a double purpose. Get a TV stand that has storage drawers underneath or an ottoman that opens up to stash toys. Opt for a nightstand that has a nice size cabinet or drawers.
  2. Utilize hooks. Command hooks have a variety of products that allow you to protect the walls of the apartment while also providing areas to hang coats, robes, towels, etc.
  3. Get a Coat Rack. If you lack a coat closet, this will be a must. If you have a coat closet, this cool item will allow you to use that closet for other stuff, like shelves for books, linens or shoes.
  4. Under the Bed Storage. Don’t just stash stuff under the bed, but instead buy plastic containers or baskets that fit under and allow you to stash sweatshirts, toys, etc.
  5. Buy kitchen shelves and baskets. You can get nifty little shelves to put in your kitchen cabinets that allow you to store two levels of dishes, spices, etc, in each cabinet.
  6. Find interesting clothing solutions. Often, the biggest culprit of clutter is in the bedroom closet. Buy shoe shelves to keep your shoes neat and tidy.  If you have empty spaces, fill them with scarves, hats and mittens in the winter.  Consider getting S hooks to hang jeans/pants in your closet. These will take up less room than hangers.  For jewelry storage, consider investing in a full length mirror that opens to reveal hanging jewelry, belt and scarf storage.  You can find these at most big box stores.
Posted by: mitchamgroup on March 4, 2019
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