March 18: Awkward Moment Day: How to Deal with Awkward Moments

 In case you didn’t know, March 18 is National Awkward Moment Day! Now we have an entire day dedicated to those moments that make us cringe and give us nightmares.  All kidding aside, learning to deal with awkward moments can be difficult but is an important part of everyone’s self journey.  Here are some ideas of how to deal with some annoyingly awkward moments:

  1. Forgetting someone’s name: This has happened to all of us. You have a couple of options—you can ride it out, hoping you can have an entire conversation without needing the name, or you can own up to the problem up front.  You can simply say, “I’m sorry, it has been one of those days and your name has flown out of my mind!”  Then just be extra friendly and complimentary to make up for your awkward moment.
  2. Your young child throws a tantrum in public: Experts agree that the best way to handle the situation is simply to ignore the bad behavior and walk away. Reasoning with a small child never works, and disciplinary action in public is not a good idea.  Simply scoop up the child and leave the area.  Again, we have all been there (sigh).
  3. Bumping into an Ex: Usually you never want to see this person again, but it is bound to happen and probably when you least want to see him or her. A quick smile and hello said in a cursory, indifferent way is the best course.  Then you don’t have to explain who the person is or dwell on any past painful moments.
  4. Forgetting your wallet at the store: Of course this happens right as you are at the checkout. Again—no worries. Most stores have a policy for this situation, demonstrating that this happens quite often!  Simply tell the cashier you are sorry and that you will need to come back later for your items.  It won’t be fun, but it is really your only recourse.

A bunch more awkward moments could be related here—but the solution always comes down to one resounding theme—the best remedy for awkward situations is to develop a thick skin.  Awkwardness comes from our reaction to other people.  By holding your head up high and ignoring people’s reactions, you will dissolve the awkwardness and simply have a good story to tell later!

Happy Awkward Moment Day!



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