April is National Lawn and Garden Month. Here are some tips to get your outside oasis ready in spring.

First task is to repeat what you just did in fall—Rake! I know it seems like you just did this, but there are surely more leaves, twigs and debris and a spring raking is the first step to good lawn care.

Next seed any bare spots and fertilize. Fall is the usual time to do all these tasks, but if you neglected to do so at that time, now is your moment!

Weed care is next; dandelion spraying is best in fall but again you can address now as well. If you don’t like to do herbicides, pulling weeds is very effective!  This is also the time to do a preliminary raking and weeding of all your landscaping to prepare for mulch or rocks.

Lastly, check out your equipment. Make sure you have the proper type of gas for your mower and that everything is in working order.  Spring rain will make mowing a must soon, and you want to be ready for that growth.

Lawncare can be time consuming but it’s also a great way to enjoy the (finally) better weather and get some exercise! Happy spring!

Posted by: mitchamgroup on April 5, 2019
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