While many of our made up holidays might seem silly (I’m looking at you Repeat Everything Day), Date your Mate Month can be good reminder of how to enrich your marriage. Relationship experts agree that in order to keep your marriage healthy, partners need to do a lot of the dating rituals that sparked the relationship in the first place. Here are some tips to Date Your Mate this month:

  1. Meaningful Touch: Experts say that couples should touch each other at least 8 times a day in a meaningful way. So, cuddle on the couch, kiss each other when you come into the room and hold hands; your deliberate touch will let your partner feel loved and spark romance.
  2. Go on a Date: Take the time to set up specific dates instead of just hanging out. By taking turns on deciding events, you will bring fun back into your relationship. Think creatively; don’t just go to the movies or dinner. Instead do activities that make you work together: do a ballroom dance class, make a new recipe together, or hike a local trail.
  3. Keep it Going: Don’t just do this in May, but make dating a priority every month. With kids, work and other obligations, it is easy to overlook each other. Deliberately schedule time for each other. By putting your dates on the calendar, you will make sure your time as a couple is a priority.
Posted by: mitchamgroup on May 13, 2019
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