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Happy Middle Child day!

As the mother of three children, I am very aware of the “middle child syndrome.” As a result, I probably go overboard to make sure my middle child feels loved and cherished, and today is the perfect day to express that love to the middle children in your life.
Birth order usually says that the oldest child is the leader and the youngest is the baby; this leaves our middle children without a clear identity. However, being the middle child isn’t all that bad. In fact, all throughout history there have been a number of successful middle children. Some of these include: Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet, Herbert Hoover, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, David Letterman, Judd Apatow, Brittney Spears and Bill Gates.
So today is your day middle children! Take time to cherish your role as the peacekeeper of the family and the bridge among siblings.

Admit You’re Happy Month

Did you know that August is “Admit you’re happy month?”

Happiness can sometimes feel elusive.  But it is no accident that our own U.S. Constitution said that everyone deserves “life, liberty, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.” We are on this earth for only so long, and it is better if we enjoy being here.  So, take time this day to reflect on the things that make you happy. For me, it is dinner with my family, reading a good book and dancing to rocking music.

Everyone deserves to be happy– hope you find some happy things to do today!

July 8th is Video Games Day!

Video games day celebrates popular video games that stormed on to the market and changed the way kids play games. From Atari to Nintendo to Xbox, video games provide all too hours of playing time on your TV. Research has not been favorable on the amount of time children spend playing video games, but I think it is fair to say that these games are not going away anytime soon. Here are some tips to help navigate allowing children to play video games:

Happy Candy Month!

June is National Candy Month.  Usually we get access to lots of candy around Halloween, Christmas and Easter so in June we might be craving some sugar rush!  No one seems to know why June is our national candy month, but history supports the choice. In June 1963, Hershey’s acquired Harry Burnett Reese’s business, paving way for the amazing Reese peanut butter cup. In June 1904 George Cadbury and his staff created the amazing Dairy Milk chocolate they are famous for.

So, what is your favorite candy this month?

Happy National Gardening Week

Happy National Gardening Week and How to Garden in Apartments

The weather is finally cooperating and many of us are enjoying the outside to garden.  However, gardening in small spaces can be a challenge. Don’t let your apartment living keep you from growing some produce, herbs or plants. Check out this link for gardening tips for apartment dwellers:


Monday is National Hamburger Day

Memorial Day is Also National Hamburger Day

Happy Memorial Day—while this is a time we take to remember those who died in military service, it is also traditionally a day we get together with friends and family to picnic.  And what better way to picnic than with a nice, juicy hamburger

Check out this link for chef Bobby Flay’s tips for making the best hamburger:

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